Thursday, December 1, 2011

V is for Valentino

Another year has gone by and yes I'm getting older (a bit wiser I hope too!).  I decided to treat myself to something extra special this year for my birthday so I splurged on a new pair of shoes.  I feel it was meant to be because I got them on sale!  Also almost every size was already sold out except for mine.  Don't you love it when the universe aligns in your favor?!  I had originally seen these fabulous heels on Chloe of The Chloe Conspiracy a while back (here).  She continues to put amazing outfits together with them and I realized I wanted them more and more.  I'm looking forward to putting outfits of my own together with these fabulous shoes!  

Have you shopped any amazing sales lately?    


  1. Loooove these, they'll elevate any outfit. Happy Birthday!

  2. Whhhhaaaat?!?! Awesome!!! Happy Birthday to you, chica!!