Friday, December 2, 2011

R is for River

I found my place in Portland right along the Columbia River.  It divides Washington and Oregon and runs straight into the Pacific Ocean.  I took a walk today because it was just so beautiful outside (still very cold though).  On clear days like today Mount Hood can be seen in the distance.  Also to the north you can catch a glimpse of Mount St. Helens.  It famously (and catastrophically) lost its top back in 1980 so it looks like large dome in the distance.

I recently registered my car and got an Oregon drivers license (which by the way I had to take the written exam...).  I decided to "put a salmon on it" (anyone watch Portlandia? Put a bird on it?) and got these special plates which actually benefit the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Oregon Parks & Recreation Department.  I'm a huge fan of the NBC show "Parks and Rec" so I felt this was fitting :)


  1. Ahh so pretty! I do watch Portlandia! Haha it's great! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


    Erin @

  2. This makes me homesick for the PNW :(

    Fab pics! xo