Monday, November 28, 2011

P is for Prada

I have always been a handbag and jewelry obsessed kinda gal but recently I've entered the realm of shoe love.  I would save all my money and splurge on a bag but never on shoes.  However times have changed and recently I find myself getting really lost in the shoe department!  I am excited by all the textures and colors but always end up buying black.  When investing in designer goods I feel it is best to go classic but if there is a trendy piece you see being a "classic" in your wardrobe then go for it!

These Prada Patent Leather Platform Pumps (here) were a recent splurge of mine.  I was looking for a basic yet beautiful shoe and these were the winners.  The Prada Puffer Bow flat (here) is a favorite flat of mine.  I had first seem them on Tiffany's blog here and had to have them :) They are equal parts functional, easy to wear and trendy!  


  1. I love the leather pumps--you'll never look back!

  2. These are gorgeous, both are so classic!