Tuesday, November 22, 2011

C is for Candles

diptyque Feulle de Lavande & Capri Blue Volcano
These are two of my favorite candles.  Diptyque candles are a tad pricey but they smell amazing.  One of their standard candles can really fill an entire room.  Obesessed with all smells lavender, Feuille de Lavande is my favorite!  I had to do a hunt in Portland to find somewhere that sold them (I'm just a little impatient and didn't want to wait for shipping from online) and discovered Cielo Home in the Pearl District.  They have an amazing selection (albeit expensive...) of home decor and furniture.  Its a great place for ideas and inspiration!  The Capri Blue Volcano candles can be found at Anthropologie.  They are usually found in blue jars but on a recent visit I found the mercury glass.  Volcano is a fresh citrus scent that always puts me a good mood.  

Does anyone remember the candle store Illuminations?  I was devastated when they closed their stores and wished I had done more hoarding shopping before they were gone forever...  

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