Wednesday, February 29, 2012

F is for Flea Markets

Yikes...I have been absent for a bit but at least I have some good stories and photographs :)  I have decided this year I would like to travel more.  Most recently I went to Detroit, Michigan to visit a good friend (awesome blog here) of mine.  I was not so secretly hoping for a blizzard and piles of snow however it was only snowing a bit on the first day in.  I suppose it was a good thing it wasn't a winter wonderland because it made for good exploring.

We went to the flea market this past weekend and I admit I hadn't been to one of these things in a long time.  Aside from some of the oddities (like creepy doll parts...) I was most excited about all the jewelry.  One particular table had hundreds of unique pieces and case after case of trinkets.

Have you shopped at flea markets before?  Any tips or tricks for finding good things?    


  1. So good to hear from you, doll! I've missed you! I adore flea markets but it can be hard to pick out the good stuff... I love searching for jewelry and pretty dishes!
    xo Josie

  2. So glad you came to visit and I am sorry for the lack of snow and the abundance of creepy dolls ;) Can't wait to see more photos of the trip and hope you find some good flea markets back in Portland!

  3. i love love love flea markets they're an amazing place to find interesting furniture and costume jewelry!! love your pictures!! they really capture the essense of flea market finds.. i feel that people always think flea markets are junk .. and well a lot of things are .. but if you search hard you can find truly amazing things!

  4. I love exploring flea markets, although I don't have time to venture there often.